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Any Relief? - 07/31/13

If you're hoping for some light at the end of the tunnel, you may have to wait awhile.  A ridge of high pressure is holding strong over Central Texas - and until it budges, hot and dry will continue to be the weather words of the day.  We won't quite reach record levels during this heat wave, but we will continue adding to our already above average number of triple digit days.  We're at 16 (average for a year is 13), with another week's worth on the way.  As for rain, there just aren't any systems in the near future which can bring us any - so I'm keeping sunny skies in your forecast each day.  One thing you may notice is less early cloud cover/patchy fog in the nights/mornings to come, thanks to a drier air mass in place.  That's also going to keep the heat index values in check with dew points running in the low to mid 60s...not as muggy as we've seen lately.

In the last week, Lake Travis has dropped 5" and is forecast to fall another 7" in the next week.  Wednesday afternoon's level was 624.61 feet.  Lake Buchanan has fallen 3" in the last week and is forecast to fall another 6" in the next week.  Wednesday afternoon's level was 988.58 feet.  The lakes are still at 36% full.

Hurricane Gil is in the Pacific 900+ miles southwest of Baja and moving west-northwestward.  The Atlantic is quiet and no development is expected in the next couple days.

Overnight: 76 Mainly clear. Winds: SE to SW 5
Thursday: 103 Sunny and hot. Record is 107 set in 2011.  Winds: SW to SE 5-10
Thursday Night: 76 Mainly clear.  Winds: S 5
Friday: 103 Sunny and hot again.  Record is 107 set in 2011.  Winds: SW to S 5-15

Hang in there!

Chief Meteorologist Chikage Windler
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