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Summer's Back - 07/23/13

The break was nice while it lasted - but hot and dry weather will be sticking with us for the rest of the week.  There is a glimmer of hope to break the heat this weekend, though.  There are signs a cold front to our north could nudge closer to Central Texas Saturday into Sunday and if it does, we could get a shower and some extra cloud cover to keep temps down a smidge.  For now, I've got triple digits through Saturday...then a brief cool-down into the upper 90s Sunday.  But even if the front makes it here, it looks like next week we'll pick up where we left off with more hot and dry weather and temps back into the triple digits.  Summer in Austin - gotta love it!

We hit 99 degrees in Austin Tuesday with a heat index of 102.  I'm forecasting triple digit temps for the rest of the week, but we might drop a degree or two Sunday if a cold front gets close enough.  Don't hold your breath, but there's a slim chance.

The forecast is dry for the majority of the next week.  If that front to our north this weekend sags far enough south, there could be an isolated shower, mainly north.  For now, I'm only introducing a 10% chance. 

A system south of the Cape Verde Islands off Africa's west coast now has a HIGH probability of turning into our next tropical system.  Its name would be Dorian.

Overnight: 77 Mainly clear.  Winds: S 5-10
Wednesday: 100 Early patchy fog/clouds, then sunny.  Winds: S 5-15
Wednesday Night: 76 Mainly clear.  Winds: S 5-10
Thursday: 101 Early patchy fog/clouds, then sunny.  Winds: S 5-15

Have a good one!

Chief Meteorologist Chikage Windler
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