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The countdown is on... - 08/02/13

Hope you've enjoyed the lull of summer traffic. You've got about three weeks of it left.

There are two times that Austin traffic becomes totally nuts. I know you think it's always nuts, but trust me, there are peak times. One of those is back to school.

Most kids in the Austin area go back to school on August 26th, UT goes back to school August 28th. That's the week Austin traffic will also go back to being completely miserable.

The other time it becomes nuts is when the time changes. For some reason people forget how to drive in the dark. It's suddenly dark on their drive home, and it becomes a real problem.

We're also currently in the lull of summer events. That all changes at the end of the month with the first UT football game, before we know it the city will be overrun by ACL Festival hipsters... this year for two weekends!

At least we live in a fun, vibrant, thriving city. Hope you find a way to enjoy it. If not, there are several other cities in Texas that I'm sure would love to have you.

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