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Halloween Cold Snap - 10/23/13

Yup -- you read that title right.

Looks like we're in for a bit of cold weather this Halloween. Both the European and GFS models are showing a drastic widespread cool down in Central Texas late next week. There are a few different angles this storm may take so let's take a moment to give you an idea of how it will all break down.

Right now the models are suggesting heavy rain in east Texas with fewer rain totals over us. This "should" keep the severe weather threat out of our viewing area and closer to Houston and Louisiana. The track of this cold front will be key on who sees heavy downpours and who doesn't.

There's typically a severe weather threat when we see a cold system entering into Central Texas like this one. This severe aspect would most likely be hail & damaging wind. I'm thinking most of the severe aspects of this storm will stay north and east of our area, with only some rain to contend with. It also looks like the rain may linger into Friday and Saturday which would add to our rain totals for the entire weekend.

It's still a little early in this forecast to be talking about a potential freeze...but I'm seeing a really big dip in temperatures late next week. This big trough developing over the eastern US is caused from Typhoon Francisco in the Western Pacific. The Typhoon is rippling the jet-stream and causing it take a big dip down into the Gulf which will create very cold temperatures for trick-or-treaters all across the US. I think the coldest night will come after the storms hit, and some of us may see our first freeze of the season.

-We're still several days away, but if you haven't figured out what you're going to wear for Halloween...I'd go with something that needs a lot of layers. I'm just sayin...

Jordan Steele

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