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Before Midnight Premiere

Updated: Monday, May 27 2013, 10:05 PM CDT
There are two movies coming out this weekend that will be the end to two trilogies. There’s one that’s mainstream called The Hangover III that you may be familiar with, but the one that you need to know about is Before Midnight.

Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke, and Julie Delphy showed up at the Violet Crown Cinema Thursday night for the premiere of Before Midnight. There was a cocktail party before the screening. All four theaters at the Violet Crown screened the film and the three introduced the film in each of the theaters. Afterwards, there was an intimate three-course dinner with Linklater and the cast. They gave away an autographed program of the event. All the proceeds benefited the Austin Film Society.

The underrated indie franchise started 18 years ago with Before Sunrise with an American boy in his 20s named Jesse who meets a French girl named Celine aboard a train. It’s love at first sight and they spend this wonderful romantic evening in Vienna, Austria and even though they know this will probably be their only night together, they plan to meet at the same place 6 months later. Just when you think this film stands on its own, Richard Linklater delivers to his fans Before Sunset.

This is a look at Celine and Jesse now in their early 30s where Jesse is on a book tour in France. The book he has written is based on the lovely Celine, the one he let get away. Now Jesse is in an unhappy marriage with a kid. Celine shows up to his book signing and they spend the afternoon together in Paris.

The film brilliantly ends with Jesse about to miss his plane, but content to be hanging with Celine at her apartment. I thought that there wasn’t anyway that you could make another addition to this couple, especially since Linklater gave the viewers exactly what they wanted. The people who are against divorce automatically put him back on a plane to his wife, while the film lovers who are invested in seeing this couple together knows that Jesse never got on that plane.

Now stands Before Midnight. I believe this is one of the only franchises that gets better with each film. As you can image, Celine and Jesse are together now, but as an unmarried couple with twins. Since Jesse is an established author, they spend their summer in Greece. Now in their early 40s, Celine questions their love. They have been though a lot now. The dialogue is just as raw, emotional, and sincere as the other two films.      

The Before Trilogy just goes to show you the genius that Richard Linklater really is. He defines film poetry and he has created a couple that’s as real as any other couple on the silver screen. To you Richard Linklater, I take a bow.

By Ken The Critic @kenthecritic
Before Midnight Premiere

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