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"Chef" Cooks Up Something Great

Updated: Monday, June 2 2014, 12:01 AM CDT

The latest collaboration creation by director Jon Favreau is not another superhero action phenomenon. He heads back to his indie roots that made him a successful writer and now serves up a film that is as extraordinary as anything that he has done.  

In Chef, Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) has been working at a hip restaurant in Los Angeles called Gauloises for nearly a decade. He is one of the most popular chefs in town. Food blogger Ramsey Michel (Oliver Platt) is coming to review the restaurant and Carl wants to be creative and recreate the menu. His boss is against this so he sticks with what he's always been doing. Ramsey writes a trenchant review and Carl goes nuts. Carl makes a video in response, which gets Carl fired.

Carl's ex-wife, Inez (played by Sofia Vergara), suggests that he and their 11 year-old son, Percy (Emjay Anthony), whose relationship is disconnected, go to Miami. Inez's first husband (Robert Downey, Jr.) feels sorry for Carl and gives him a old food truck. Carl recruits his son and his old friend, Martin (John Leguizamo) to get it up and running. They are planning on driving it back to Los Angeles, but make stops in New Orleans and Austin over the course of the summer. Carl begins to find happiness in doing this and starts to bond with his kid.

Jon Favreau gives us something refreshing and gratifying with Chef. Favreau first got the idea when he hosted and produced IFC Network's Dinner for Five series back in 2002, where they covered some of the finest Los Angeles restaurants. While doing some research, he realized that chefs have the same obsessive personalities that actors have. Chefs want to be just as original as anyone else. It's great that Favreau turned away from the big budget films to make, write and produce something so emotionally moving. I always love father - son movies, but you don't even expect that this is where's it heading. The scenes filmed on South Congress in Austin makes for a nice touch!

By Ken The Critic @kenthecritic

"Chef" Cooks Up Something Great

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