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Evil Dead Demonizes SXSW

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:06 PM CDT

By Ken The Critic @kenthecritic

You usually expect the horror films to be part of Fantastic Fest.  But when you are bringing the Evil Dead to a whole new generation, you have to premiere it at SXSW.

It’s been 32 years since the cult classic first hit theaters with Sam Raimi directing and Bruce Campbell playing “Ash.”  But for the 2013 reboot, they have slipped into the producer chairs leaving the directing to Fede Alvarez. Alvarez also wrote the screenplay along with Diablo Cody. One thing he brought to this film is that he changed the names of the five friends who head out to a remote cabin to David, Eric, Mia, Olivia and Natalie. You may notice if you take the first letter of each of their names, it spells out demon and this movie is definitely demonic.

In Evil Dead, five twentysomethings head out to a cabin. At the cabin, they come across a Book of the Dead. When Eric starts to read it out loud, he releases a demonic spirit that unleashes torture on all of them by taking over the body of Mia.

This is by far the goriest film I have ever seen. The filmmakers really push the envelope in making you squirm, using items such as a nail gun, an electric knife, pieces of a mirror and even part of the toilet bowl. The item that may help save the day though is duct tape. But not if the demon can help it!

Evil Dead Demonizes SXSW

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