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Review: 21 And Over

Updated: Sunday, March 3 2013, 10:24 AM CST
Review: 21 and Over

By Ken The Critic @kenthecritic

Grade: C-

Movies focused on one night out on the town has worked for many years.  Some of the greats include Dazed and Confused, Superbad, and American Graffiti. I hate to say, 21 and Over isn’t anywhere the same caliber of those films and will be forgotten.  It’s not that the writers don’t know what their doing when it comes to covering a night in the city.  Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who directed as well, had much success with The Hangover and The Hangover II, but this just misses the mark.

In 21 and Over, pre-med student Jeff Chang is turning 21, so his good friends Casey and Miller decide to take him out to a bar for some beers. Well, one thing leads to another and the night turns into a time of drunken debauchery. The only problem is that Jeff has an important medical school interview the next morning and his strict dad is stopping by to pick him up at 7am. Will he make it there in time? Will he ace the interview? What do you think?  

This is almost like what would happen if The Hangover’s Phil, Stu, and Alan were in college, except none of the characters are reminiscent of Zach Galifianakis’ Alan. This film is more on the same playing field as last year’s Project X (almost ripping it off) and is like these guys in college. Miller character seems to channel Project X’s Costa and Vince Vaughn. Even though I thought the movie tried to have heart, this movie felt like it was on speed, not even taking the time to develop the characters and that college parties last into the wee hours of the morning and it’s hard to relate.  Maybe I just went to a college that was too conservative.

Ken’s Movie Review Grading Scale

A – Superb and solid; a movie that will be etched in your mind 10 years from now

B – Good movie, so good in fact that you would want to see it again before it’s out of the theaters; the story may drag in places

C – Average, entertaining at parts; you might want to wait and rent it

D – Lacks a lot from entertainment, plot, realism, development, etc.

F – Terrible and you will want to walk out of the movie; no redemptive qualities whatsoever  
Review: 21 And Over

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