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Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Updated: Friday, February 10 2012, 02:31 PM CST

Grade: B
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With a tag line that says "an epic of epic epicness", you already know something great is about to happen.  And with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, it does.  Director Edgar Wright, who gave us Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, creates a film (from Bryan Lee O'Malley's six-volume graphic novel) that lives up to his other ones.  With its fast pace and quick cuts, Wright's style creates a video game movie that other directors can sit up and take note.  Because this film is playing out just like a video game, gamers will be in delight, but it may not be for all tastes.  Even though I am not much of a gamer, I really appreciate this film for its originality.       

In this action-comedy set in Toronto, Scott Pilgrim is a 23 year old indie rocker who doesn't have a job, but spends most his time either practicing or at his gigs with his other 3 bandmates.  Scott (Superbad's Michael Cera) starts dating a cute high school girl, Knives Chau.  She is his biggest fan and attends all his practices and performances.  Everything seems to be going good for him until he runs into a magenta haired beauty named RAMONA Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) that he can't get out of his mind.  She is a delivery girl for Amazon so he places an order just so she will come to his door.  There he asks her out even though he is still dating Knives.  Reluctantly, she agrees.  When she starts having feelings for him, she has to let him in on a secret - he will have to fight her seven evil exes before they can be together.  With each adversary, Scott learns something about himself.

With Zelda references and even a Seinfeld scene (just like Kramer busting through the door), Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has silly jokes, but smart.  The transitions between scenes are some of the most clever ones that I have ever seen in cinematic history.  The visual effects are amazing and the typography is used in a spectacular way to translate the energy of the comic novel.  Funny guy Jason Schwartzman and Brandon Routh play two of the exes that give the best commanding performances.  And Kieran Culkin playing Scott's roommate is also a scream.  You'll be laughing so hard that when the movie says game over, you'll wish you had more change to continue the game.  I mean the movie.

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