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Review: Wrong

Updated: Saturday, April 6 2013, 05:11 PM CDT

Grade: D

By Ken The Critic @kenthecritic

If watching a movie is wrong, in this case, you may want to be right and save your money. One of the many films that premiered at Fantastic Fest, Wrong was a dud, but not a forgettable one. It’s very disappointing since Director Quentin Dupieux had a lot of success from Rubber just the year before.

The latest from Drafthouse Films, Wrong follows Dolph Springer (Jack Plotnick of Reno 911!) on a journey when his dog, Paul, goes missing. Paul is Dolph’s best friend and he is heartbroken. While looking for his dog, Dolph comes into contact with Master Chang (William Fichtner), who is an author of books where humans can communicate with dogs through telekinesis. Master Chang gets Dolph to read and understand how to do this so they can be reunited.  

There’s not much logic to this film and it’s beyond absurd. Dolph shows up to his job at the travel agency, yet he was fired three months prior and it never explains why Dolph does this. In addition, it is constantly raining in the agency, but the employees continue to work even though they are drenched along with their paperwork and computers and there’s never a reason for any of this. And this isn’t the only inconsistency. I’m not sure if Dupieux is just giving us a surrealistic film for us to ask lots of questions or what, but even the jokes fall flat. 

Ken’s Movie Review Grading Scale

A – Superb and solid; a movie that will be etched in your mind 10 years from now

B – Good movie, so good in fact that you would want to see it again before it’s out of the        theaters; the story may drag in places

C – Average, entertaining at parts; you might want to wait and rent it

D – Lacks a lot from entertainment, plot, realism, development, etc.

F – Terrible and you will want to walk out of the movie; no redemptive qualities whatsoever   Review: Wrong

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