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Some Girl(s) at SXSW

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 05:06 PM CDT

Based on the 2005 play by Neil LaBute, Some Girl(s) follows "Man" (Adam Brody), a known writer, that on the day before he is supposed to get married, he travels around the U.S. to make restitution for all the wrongdoings against past girlfriends. He narrows it down to the top five that he owes an apology including Bobbi (Kristen Bell) who was "the one that got away." The others include a high school sweetheart (Jennifer Morrison), an older woman that he had an affair (Emily Watson), his best friend's little sister (Zoe Kazan), and the girl (Mia Maestro) that made him feel like he was one cool dude.

This dark dramedy may drive you a little bonkers because it feels like a play. Neil Simon lead the way for a string of great plays jumping to the silver screen back in the 60s, so maybe this should be given a chance as well. Each female have a completely different issue with him. For an hour and a half, you see him dealing with each of the five ex-girlfriends. It does have more of an intimate feel and the awkward situations make it really funny.

By Ken The Critic @kenthecriticSome Girl(s) at SXSW

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