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WICKED Comes to Austin

Updated: Friday, February 14 2014, 04:47 AM CST

WICKED whirls through Austin once again! Winner of over 50 major awards, including a Grammy and three Tony Awards, WICKED tells the story of two young friends with very different viewpoints. Once they start fighting over the same man, Elphaba's personality changes and OZ will never be the same again!

KEYE-TV talked with Walker Jones (pictured above), who plays The Wizard. Jones says, "In the first act of WICKED, he is very concerned with maintaining the illusion of having power, and he desperately wants to keep whatever political power he has acquired in that world. I think that he actually is acting from a place of wanting to help the people of OZ, but things get way out of control (partly because he finds himself in a vicious world of cut-throat politics, and partly because of his own greed and self deception. In the end, he is simply (and literally) trying to survive."

When we asked Jones why he thinks WICKED is a cultural phenomenon, he states, "This is because of the writing. Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman (as well as the original cast and creative team) have created a story and characters that people of all ages can relate to. The 'hero's journey' that Elphaba undertakes is the ultimate heart of this story. Anyone who was ever dismissed or abandoned or bullied will relate to her story. In fact, many people I've met have seen our show many times because they receive a kind of emotional and even spiritual nourishment from seeing our play."

Walker Jones began acting when he was 12 years old playing Pinocchio in a musical production in Richmond, Virginia. He's been in Shakespeare plays in The Delacorte in Central Park and The Public in New York City. Jones encourages actors to keep taking classes. One reason he says is the reason that he is in WICKED in the first place. "One of the directors saw my work in an acting/singing class. She liked what I was doing and very generously invited me to audition for WICKED."

There's some insight that Jones shared with us that most audience members won't see. "What you see onstage is one thing and what is happening offstage is also incredible. Loads of stagehands moving huge set pieces and the wardrobe crew helping the actors accomplish anywhere form 9 to 15 costume changes! If you're not careful, you could get run over by a moving set piece or a flying monkey!"

Come check out the flying monkeys along with the Wizard, Elphaba, and Glinda right here in Austin for 3 weeks only!

Bass Concert Hall

February 19 – March 9

Weekdays at 8pm except Mondays, Saturdays at 2 & 8pm, Sundays at 1pm & 7pm; Thursday, February 20 at 1pm (additional performance)


For tickets, call 471-4454 or click here:

WICKED Comes to Austin

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