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Cooking With Beer

Updated: Friday, March 30 2012, 05:49 PM CDT
The weekend is here and we're about to crack open a couple of warm ones? Yes, today we are cooking with beer with the help of Chef Paul French from the Hyatt.

Fireman’s 4 Steamed Mussels
Garlic Tomato Broth & Toasted Croutons   

Mussels    1    lb
Olive oil    1    oz
Garlic sliced      1/2     oz
Shallots sliced      1/2     oz
Firemans 4 or other blond or wheat beer    4    oz
Clam juice    2    oz
V-8    1    oz
tomato diced      1/4     oz
whole Butter, diced    2    oz
salt         tt
Parsley chopped      1/4     oz
Crouton toasted    2    each

Preparation Method               
1) Heat the Oil, add the garlic and shallots cook until soft
2) Add the Mussels, beer, clam juice, and V-8
3) add butter and Cover the pan till the mussels are open.
4) Last minute add parsley
5) Serve with croutons
Negra Modelo and Lime Brined Pork Belly Tacos           
radish slaw, cotija cheese, corn tortillas

Pork belly     5   
negra modelo     1    ea
honey    1/3    cup
bay leaves    4    ea
cumin seed    2    tsp
corriander seed     2    tsp
peppercorns    2    tsp
garlic cloves       4    each
lime juice    2.5    oz
salt      2.5    oz
cilantro      4    sprigs
Corn tortillas
Radish slaw
Jalapenos sliced thin
Cotija cheese
Cilantro leaves    2.5

Preparation Method               
1) Except for the pork belly Combine all the ingredients and bring to a boil
2) Remove brine from heat and cool
3) Place pork belly in baking dish and cover with brine
4) Allow pork to brine over night
5) Remove pork belly from brine and dry with paper towels. Reserve brine
6) Sear pork belly in a roasting pan until golden brown on all sides
7) Add reserved brine to roasting pan. Cover with foil and cook in 250 degree oven for 4 hours
8) Remove pork brom liquid and pull meat apart or rough chop
9) Warm tortillas and fill with meat
10) Top with salsa, radish slaw, cotija cheese, jalapenos and cilantro

Sweet Little Gem Lettuce with Peaches
Pure Luck Goat Cheese and Raspberry Lambic Vinaigrette     

Raspberry Lambic Vinaigrette
raspberry puree    2     cup
Framboise lambic beer    1    cup
rice wine vinegar    2     cup
honey     1  1/2     cup
blended oil    6    cups
salt         to taste
pepper         to taste

Preparation Method               
1) blend together, puree, beer, vinegar and honey until combined
2) slowly blend in oil and season to taste

Gem lettuce cut in half    4    heads
Peaches cut in to slices    2    each
raspberries    1/2         cup
Pure Luck Chevre    2     oz
Raspberry Lambic Vinaigrette    As    neededCooking With Beer

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