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Film "Cannonball Run" Inspires Austin Road Race

Updated: Wednesday, March 28 2012, 05:21 PM CDT
An Austin real estate agent who is known for his over-the-top parties and love of cars and gambling, is combining all of these obsessions into an April Fool's weekend of competition and adventure known as Fool's Roll.

Cord Shiflet was inspired by the movie Cannonball Run to create Fool's Roll, a three-day competitive trip to Las Vegas with teams, usually of two or three people each, participating. Each team buys a car for $2,000 or less, drives to Las Vegas in costume, sells the car and bets all of the proceeds on one roll of the dice. The winner gets $10,000, second place $4,000 and third place $2,000.

It all starts on Wednesday, March 28 when the teams will meet each other, with their cars and in full costume, at a pre-party. The drive starts at midnight Thursday when teams clock in at Cord Shiflet's front porch. The entry fee for participants ($1,500 to $4,000 depending on number in the team) also covers their two-night stay at the Wynn Las Vegas and an awards bash at the retro Golden Steer Steakhouse.

Last year for the inaugural Fool's Roll, teams got creative with their costumes and car d├ęcor. There were Blues Brothers, Cheech and Chong, three sheiks, even some cowgirls. There were many pranks, car breakdowns and even one arrest along the 1,800-mile road to Las Vegas that created some outrageous stories. There are rules, and those rules are enforced. If any team or participant is determined to have cheated, their car will be towed away and crushed at a salvage yard.

Last year's participants included an anesthesiologist, plastic surgeon, tattoo artist, and "the world's fastest window tinter" (who is actually from Waco). Jeep is providing a 2012 Grand Cherokee (which costs well over $2,000, so it's not part of the competition) to be the official "pace car" of the event.  As long as they abide by all of the rules, teams can still sign up to participate.Film "Cannonball Run" Inspires Austin Road Race

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