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Showers in Central Texas

A few showers are moving across parts of Central Texas.   Also, a HEAT ADVISORY has been issued for Milam County from Noon Thursday through 9 PM Friday.  Search #keyewx for updates.


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Foods That Can Whiten, Brighten Your Smile Naturally

Updated: Monday, February 20 2012, 06:43 PM CST

Who says teeth whitening has to break the bank?

A new study shows foods like strawberries and cauliflower can do more than just aid your diet; they can help whiten your teeth. Strawberries work sort of as "nature's toothpaste" due to acid in the fruit.  They can help clean your teeth. Cauliflower tends to provide a scrubbing of sorts to clean enamel and clear plaque.  Oranges and pineapples stimulate saliva and work the same way that strawberries do.  Yogurt and cheese prevent harmful acid from building up.

Foods to AVOID: (they tend to stain teeth)
Red Wine
Cranberry Juice
Marinara Sauce
Hot Sauce

Foods That Can Whiten, Brighten Your Smile Naturally

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