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Hickory Street Cafe Re-Opening

Updated: Monday, March 5 2012, 05:47 PM CST
For years the Hickory Street Cafe on Congress Avenue was the place to eat at a in salad bar...soup bar...potato bar...

But the old Hickory Street closed, and now six months later one of downtown Austin's most iconic restaurants is re-opening.

It's in the same place at 8th and Congress, but everything else is different.

Mac and Cheese

5oz Gluten Free Pasta (Penne)
4 fl oz Mornay
2 oz Smoked Cheddar Cheese
Pinch Chives


Butter                 1.5 Cups
Yellow Onion – Diced        1/4 Cup
Rice Flour            1 ½ Tbsp
Cloves                2 ea
Black Peppercorns        2 ea
Bay Leaves            1 ea
White Pepper            1/8 tsp
Kosher Salt            TT
Milk                1 Cup
Heavy Cream            ½ Cup   
Smoked Cheddar        1/5 CupHickory Street Cafe Re-Opening

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