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How To Get Your Best Bluebonnet Pictures

Updated: Tuesday, April 3 2012, 04:58 PM CDT
Have you taken your bluebonnet pictures? If not, photographer Joey Gallahan of Austin’s JWG Photography has some expert tips.

Avoid highway side photography. There are so many better spots at parks, schools, and nature trails that are less dangerous and distracting

  • Get low and shoot through the wildflowers to your subjects.
  • Find shaded areas and hillsides to take your best pictures.
  • The best times of the day to take outdoor pictures are early morning and evening.
  • Look for candid moments that capture a fun day.
  • Approach the area from behind and walk toward your flower patch using the Question Mark Technique.
  • Leave the wildflowers as you found them.
How To Get Your Best Bluebonnet Pictures

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