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Kid Craft With Kendra Scott

Updated: Friday, February 10 2012, 05:48 PM CST
Known to millions for her jewelry, today Kendra Scott stopped by to share some special projects you can do at home for your special Valentine.

If jewelry is your thing you can customize your creations using Scott’s color bar.

Project You Can Help Your Child Make 

Photo Valentine
1. Blow pops (or any other type of sucker)
2. Photos
3. Scissors

How To:
1. Take photo of your child with his or her arm extended and in a fist.
2. Upload the photo to a Walgreens or CVS photo site and select a fun Valentine¹s Day card, type in your greeting, and print off as many Valentine¹s as your child would like to give away. Or you can print off
your own at home.
3. After photos are developed or printed, cut a small slit on the very top of their fist, and another at the very bottom of their fist in each of the photos (about the size of their fist in the photo.)
4. Insert the sucker through both slits so it looks as if your child is holding the lollipop.

Adult DIY Kendra Scott Valentine’s Day Project

52 Reasons I Love You Booklet – Here's an easy fun craft that will mean a lot to your man.
All you need is a deck of cards, binder rings, and nametags.

1. Deck of cards
2. 2 binder rings
3. Name tags
4. Black sharpie or computer w/ Microsoft word & printer
5. Hole puncher
6. Crystals, or heart stickers (something festive for cover card)

How To:
Cut two hole punches, one 1 inch from the top and the other 1 inch from the bottom, on the left hand side of each card, 1/3 of an inch away from the edge.
Write (or type out on word if name tags come with template) 52 reasons you love your man on 52 of the cards.
Use one of the nametags to create the title card, “52 Reasons I LOVE YOU,” with an extra embellishment if you choose.
Peel and stick each nametag in the center of a card.
Be sure the cards are placed in order, and use the binder rings to go through both holes on each card to create a mini booklet.Kid Craft With Kendra Scott

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