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Band Plays for Crash Victim in Hospital

Updated: Sunday, March 16 2014, 10:15 AM CDT

As of Saturday night, six people remain at Brackenridge Hospital, including two in critical condition.


At Saint David's one person, 18-year-old Mason Endres, who is listed in fair condition.


But after the impromptu concert she got in her hospital room Saturday afternoon, she might tell you she's doing much better than that.


In a room at St. David's hospital is not where Jared Kolesar, of Jared and the Mill, thought he'd be playing during this year's South by Southwest.


But when the band heard that Mason, one of their biggest fans was thereā€¦


"It was just kind of second nature that when we found out she couldn't make it to our showcase, we were like hell we've got to at least play for her once," Kolesar said.


Lying in a hospital bed with a fractured femur, fractured vertebrae in her neck, broken nose, bumps, scraps, and bruises and having gone through two surgeries in just the last few days, the 18 year old says she's feeling better than she thought possible.


"Oh my gosh, seeing them, seeing everyone. I felt so great today," Mason said. "She was on monitors when we told her that Jared was coming and her heart rate jumped way up and we all burst out laughing because that was a good thing to see that big of a smile."


This family, packed into a small hospital room, where no one thought they'd be are all suddenly so glad they're here.


"She's going to be fine and there are some people out there that are not as lucky as us, so we're good," said Mason's dad Dan.


Thankfully mason doesn't remember the night she was hit, but this moment is something she'll never, ever, forget.


"Having them come here is incredibly. It means a lot, a lot," Mason said.


Mason was on her way to see Jared and the Mill when the crash happened. Despite that she says she still loves music and south by. In fact, the high school senior is heading to UT in the Fall and plans to make music her career.

Band Plays for Crash Victim in Hospital

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