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Chaotic Moon Studios .. Where Anything Is Possible

Updated: Monday, March 10 2014, 02:41 PM CDT

Behind and unassuming red door at 319 Congress Avenue, lies a place where possibilities are limited only by your imagination. 

Chaotic Moon Studios challenges the conventional way of thinking.  Founded by Ben Lamm, Mike Erwin and Will Hurley, better known as Whurley, the company launched during SXSW in 2010. 

Today it has grown to more than 130 people and work with some of the biggest name corporations in the world developing products and product strategy.  Co-Founder Whurley says the secret to their success is a focus not on where they have been, but on where the company wants to go.  Employees are given an open environment and free reign to develop and innovate, leading to ground-breaking new ideas.

They built a thought-controlled skateboard, a predictive shop cart and an interactive prototype table for Pizza Hut where customers slide their ingredients onto a digital pizza, pay for it at the table, and then play games while they wait.  The company has also taken an active role in giving back to the City of Austin and the industry that has allowed them to be so successful. 

Whurley says, "Chaotic moon has now taken on kind of a community leadership role in helping start, fund, and get to market new startups that are based here in Austin and really drive the local economy."

During SXSW this year they played a role in helping launch Banter, a mobile app that combines secure messaging and social media features with location data.  They also built a fully immersive Virutal game called "Shark Punch" by combining Oculus Rift technology with Leap Motion.  Players live in an underwater world where they must fend for themselves by punching attacking sharks in the nose.  Just imagine someone standing in the middle of an office with VR goggles and a headphone, ducking and punching the air around them. 

But perhaps the most anticipated launch at SXSW is CUPID ... Chaotic’s Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone.  CUPID is a hexacopter armed with an 80,000 volt Taser that can be remotely controlled to engage an intruder.  Whurley says they hope to grow the company two to three times larger in the next few years saying,

"We live in the greatest time to be alive.  A time in which you can make anything that you can imagine."

Click here to see inaugural flight test of CUPID.

By Hunter Ellis

Chaotic Moon Studios .. Where Anything Is Possible

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