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'Gus' at SXSW

Updated: Friday, March 22 2013, 10:19 AM CDT

Ladies, this one is for you, and you too fellows. You don’t often have a female directing a movie, but when there’s one such as Jessie McCormack (pictured in the center) on board, you have something special. She brings her directorial debut, Gus to SXSW.

Lizzie (Silent Hill’s Radha Mitchell) is unable to have kids with her husband, Peter. She really wants to have a full family so she persuades her best friend, Andie (Source Code’s Michelle Monaghan) to help her. Andie is somewhat of a drifter and after a one-night stand, she ends up pregnant. Lizzie wants to raise Andie’s baby as her own and Andie agrees. So for the term of the pregnancy, Andie moves into Lizzie’s house, which starts driving Peter absolutely crazy. Then when Peter invites his brother to move in after his stint in rehab, things really get awry.  

Gus is still looking for a distributor, and I hope it gets picked up. It’s a funny and light hearted tale about a friendship between two women and the struggles involved when a baby is in the mix. Even though the story could be a little stronger, Radha Mitchell and Michelle Monaghan have instant chemistry. 

By Ken the Critic, @KenTheCritic

'Gus' at SXSW

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