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'I Give It A Year' Comes To SXSW

Updated: Friday, March 22 2013, 10:19 AM CDT

One of the Narrative Spotlight films of SXSW is I Give It A Year from Working Title (who also brought you Love Actually and Bridget Jones). In this film, Dan Mazer, the writer of Borat and Bruno, explores the life of a couple in the first year after their wedding. At the Q&A, he said that he had some friends that split up six months after they married, so he figured that he would write about it. So their loss is our gain, because from that comes the hysterical story of Nat (Rose Byrne) and Josh (Shaun of the Dead’s Rafe Spall).

In Give It A Year, Nat and Josh marry after dating for a short period. They struggle through their first year of marriage realizing that they aren’t compatible with each other. They soon turn away from each other. Nat turns to her hunky coworker, Guy (Simon Baker), while Josh turns to an ex-girlfriend named Chloe (The House Bunny’s Anna Faris).

This romantic comedy is very different because we are focusing on the couple splitting up than watching a happy ending take course. The awkward situation is what brings the majority of the humor to the table. Rose Byrne brings her same plate of humor from Bridesmaids, as well. It’s a formulaic plot, but nothing short of amusing. Stephen Merchant from Ricky Gervais’ Extras plays Josh’s buddy who just puts the laughs on overdrive. Anna Faris is great playing the frumpy, poutty girlfriend and I was wondering why don’t we see enough of her in films or even a TV show on IFC or Comedy Central. I am still waiting for her remake of Private Benjamin.

This film will be released in August


By Ken The Critic

'I Give It A Year' Comes To SXSW

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