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South By Southwest
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New Technologies Featured at SXSW

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:15 PM CDT
New technology trends are emerging at the South By Southwest Trade Show.

3M revealed Jenny, a virtual presenter that looks and acts life-like. Glenn Carter with the company tells us the product will be tested at automotive dealerships, and then it could be seen in retail stores nationwide.

“You are giving the customer information they didn't have in a dynamic way,” said Carter.

Beam has a product that allows people to log in through Wi-Fi and broadcast video on a robot device. A keyboard allows the product to move.

Another emerging technology is 3-D printing. Ten Fab Cafes are scheduled to open across the world to combine coffee and art. For about $1 a minute people can use a 3-D printer to design a plastic figure.

“Sometimes they make accessories, sometimes they make figures,” said owner Chiaki Hayashi.

Gigabot is a 3-D printer that can be bought at for more than $2,700. Inventor Mathew Fiedler says the new technology can also save the environment.

“We want to take plastic in the landfill and any plastic we can recycle and turn it into useful products,” said Fiedler.

Music is always another hot trend at SXSW. The company Neurowear is showing off their prototype headphones that can detect music you want to listen to from your brainwaves.

However, getting your hands on that product may take quite some time.

The tech portion of SXSW goes on until Wednesday at the Convention Center downtown. New Technologies Featured at SXSW

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