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1 Dead, 2 Injured As Elgin Store Owner Foils Burglary

Updated: Monday, April 14 2014, 06:46 PM CDT

One man is dead and two women injured after an Elgin shopkeeper surprised a would-be burglar inside his store early Monday. 

A sheet of plywood propped in a broken glass door to keep the rain out was your first clue a crime happened at Harper's Fine Jewelry in Elgin.  It wasn't the first time they've been burglarized. But police say-- this time the owner was ready.

Elgin Police Chief Chris Bratton says Robert Trevino (pictured), 41, allegedly broke into the shop just before 1 a.m. by shattering the glass front door. He was rummaging through the display cases when he was surprised by the store owner who was armed with a shotgun.  

Chief Bratton adds, "As best as we can tell at this point the suspect turned to the owner with something in his hand which we later found was a hammer and the owner shot the suspect one time killing him instantly."  

The encounter left Trevino dead and two suspected accomplices injured when gunfire shattered the windshield on their truck. 

Police arrived even before the shop owner had a chance to call 911. That's because customers at a nearby gas station heard the shots and called 911 for him.  

Bratton says, "We had multiple calls of shots being fired within 45 seconds of each other."

Police responded quickly to the violence. And that's just the way folks in Elgin like it. We asked Sandra Bennett about it as she picked up her child from daycare. She says, "We stress this is not what we want in our community. And (police) are going to be taking care of any problems or issues that we have in this community."

Chief Bratton says Texas law is pretty specific about using whatever force is necessary to protect yourself and your property in a night time burglary. But the case will be reviewed by the Bastrop County district attorney to see if any charges are warranted.

(Previous booking photo from the Bastrop County Sheriff's Office.)

By Fred Cantu

1 Dead, 2 Injured As Elgin Store Owner Foils Burglary

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