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Adults Using Kids To Break Into Austin Homes

Updated: Thursday, January 30 2014, 02:51 PM CST

Marian Roberts doesn't get a lot of quality time with her playful pooch Sophie. She works long hours and is away a lot. 

So she installed a dog door so Sophie could let herself out. Little did she know the doggie door would shatter her sense of security.

"They sat down, took the time to unscrew the face plate and kicked in the inner shell of it," recalled Roberts.

The average adult can't fit through a doggie door but a kid can, unlocking the door, letting the crooks inside.

"It just breaks my heart. I can't imagine someone involving their child," added Roberts.

According to the website krimelabb there have been 111 home burglaries in the Crestview neighborhood of Austin since January of last year -- many involved kids.

"I'm horrified.  I think that's terrible," said Allison Sallee.

Sallee is a child psychologist. She blames the parents of the pint-sized burglars.

"These are the kid's barometers. Emotional barometers, moral compass. They create this framework that the child will pull from with what's right and wrong," added Sallee.

Roberts isn't getting rid of the doggie door but she's amped up security.

By Alex Boyer

Adults Using Kids To Break Into Austin Homes

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