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APD: Crooks Targeting Your Pricy Vacuum Cleaner

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:08 PM CDT

Criminals have their eye on your pricey vacuum cleaner.  If you own a Dyson you run the risk of having your home broken into.

Crafty crooks are casing your trash can -- looking for an empty Dyson box.  If they find one, they'll break into your home, steal it, and try to return it for cash or credit.

"They're very expensive.  It was a decision that was heavily weighed," said Dyson owner Alicia Kelley.

And crooks want in on that pricy investment.

"I could see how that's a valuable commodity.  Those things are expensive and they're great," said Dyson owner Celeste Fahnert.

An organized retail theft ring is stealing Dyson vacuum cleaners from Texans statewide.  Trying to return the stolen goods to unsuspecting retail stores.

"Apparently this is happening at Sam's Clubs all around," said Austin Senior Police Officer Vaneza Bremner.

Michael Newman got busted at a Sam's Club in South Austin.  According to an arrest affidavit, Newman tried to return a stolen Dyson ball but didn't have a receipt.  The serial number also didn't show up in the store database.

"It would kill me, I love that thing," added Fahnert.

Protecting your purchase is pretty simple.

"It's always good to break down boxes and get rid of them some other way aside from putting them by the curve," added Bremner.

And if you're like Kelley, you'll make it difficult for Dyson junkies to break into your home.

"I have an alarm and a big black dog.  They can try but they're not getting anything out of my house," added Kelley.

By Alex Boyer

APD: Crooks Targeting Your Pricy Vacuum Cleaner

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