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Austin Teen Victim Of 'Smack Cam' Fad

Updated: Wednesday, April 23 2014, 05:42 PM CDT

An Austin teenaged Wendy's employee is pressing charges after being a victim of the so called "smackcam" game. The game is filmed while someone goes up to another person and slaps them.

Calaybra Jones, 16, says it happened to her at work Tuesday.

But she says this is no game.

Calaybra spent a sleepless night surfing the web for video of the attack.

"I feel embarrassed. I am sad. I am angry," Calaybra explained.

Finally she and her mother found it titled "OMG!! SMACK CAM A WENDY'S EMPLOYEE!"

"It was the first video," she said.

The teen says she was a victim, slapped by a total stranger while working on Hwy 183 and Cameron Road.

"I started crying, had to go to the restroom and sit in the back. I had to get a few words out," Calaybra said.

Her mother is thankful more injuries didn't come of this.

"Luckily my daughter is non-confrontational, but had it been someone else they may have had a weapon. This could be a totally different headline," said Carlisha Jones.

Now the headline is justice. Calaybra is pressing charges hoping to keep this from happening to others.

"Assault by contact is a class C misdemeanor. It's punishable to a fine of up to $500," said Austin Senior Police Officer Veneza Bremner.

But first they need your help identifying the three people involved.

We reached out to Kade Fresco whose YouTube channel the video is posted on. He claims someone downloaded it from another site and uploaded it to his.

"Glad you're ok. Love you," Carlisha said to her daughter.

Still in shock, Calaybra says the more people who see the video the faster they can catch her attacker.

"I just want them to know that it's not ok and it really did hurt emotionally," Calaybra said.

To watch a clean version of the video click here.

If you can identify anyone in the video contact the Austin Police Department at 512-974-5750 or 311. You can remain anonymous. 

By Christie Post

Austin Teen Victim Of 'Smack Cam' Fad

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