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Educators, Law Enforcement Prepare For School Shooters

Updated: Tuesday, October 22 2013, 01:27 PM CDT

The ALERRT Conference is underway in San Marcos this week to help law enforcement and educators prepare for active school shootings.

News of Monday's Nevada school shooting hung heavy in San Marcos. Dr. David Benke said it brings back painful memories.

"My heart goes out to that brave teacher and those kids," Benke said. "All we can do it prepare."

Benke was a math teacher at Deer Creek Middle School in Littleton, Colorado. In 2010 he was on parking lot duty when he heard a loud pop.

"I thought it was a firecracker," Benke said. "I saw the guy racking another round, and he got another shot off, then I tackled him."

Benke is now teaching educators to keep students safe. Parents are also part of this effort.

John-Michael Keyes got a text message from his daughter he will never forget. It was sent in 2006 when a gunman entered Platt Canyon High School in Colorado. The gunman held seven girls hostage, including Keyes' daughter Emily.

"These things can happen anywhere," Keyes said. "My daughter Emily was able to send a text message 'I love u guys.'" Ultimately the gunman shot and killed Emily.

Emily was the girl who died that day. Keyes started the "I Love U Guys" Foundation and developed a response protocol that is free for schools and law enforcement.

San Marcos Independent School District and a number of other districts in Texas use the safety system.

"We don't choose tragedy, but we can choose our response," Keyes said.

For more information about the "I Love U Guys" Foundation:

For more information about the ALERRT Conference:

By Cassie Gallo

Educators, Law Enforcement Prepare For School Shooters

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