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Facebook Helps Solve Round Rock Robbery Case

Updated: Wednesday, May 15 2013, 09:55 PM CDT

He wanted to buy marijuana, but ended up getting robbed.  Now the man accused in the robbery is in jail, thanks to some investigative work by the victim using social media.

It started as a drug deal.  The buyer was supposed to meet a man in a Round Rock parking lot to buy marijuana. But that's not what happened.

A police affidavit says Terrel Jaron Robinson put a knife to the victim’s throat, stole $170, and his iPhone.  After the attack the victim called police.  But he didn't leave it up to them to find the suspect -- he went home and got online.

He logged on to Facebook, and soon found pieces of a puzzle that would lead to Robinson's charge.  He started by asking his friends if anyone knew the number he called.  A man who worked with Robinson at Sonic recognized the number and gave up Robinson's name.  The victim found Robinson on Facebook and even recognized the woman Robinson listed as his girlfriend.  The victim said she was present during the robbery.  The victim's next stop was police.

Investigators cross-referenced what they knew about Robinson, with what they saw on Facebook.  The final piece of the puzzle came together when a Round Rock police officer talked to Robinson about another investigation.  When Robinson gave the officer his phone number, it was the same number the victim used to set up the drug deal.  The call log would prove there was contact between Robinson's phone, and the victim the night of the robbery.

Now, several months later Robinson is in jail, charged with aggravated robbery.  Not due to long hours of police work, but a few minutes on Facebook. 

Police say social media sites, like Facebook, are very useful in solving crimes.  They can not only help find suspects, but with some of the location features it could also be used to potentially rule out suspects.  The victim in this case was not charged with a crime, because, although he tried, he did not complete a marijuana purchase.

By Melanie LoftonFacebook Helps Solve Round Rock Robbery Case

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