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Fighting Back Against Summer Scams

Updated: Thursday, May 30 2013, 10:01 PM CDT

Police are fighting back against summer crime by warning the public. During the summer months officers tell us they see more people fall victim to scams.

Door to door sales scams are just one crime, according to the Round Rock Police Department.

We caught up with Hannah Cannon who sees it happen on a daily basis. "Magazines, vacuums, steaks, cable," she said.

You name it Cannon says people try to sell it.

"I see them walking up and down the streets all the time. Sometimes they will pass us by. Other times if we are in the front yard they will stop us there," Cannon said.

She says she knows it could be a trap to get money, which is why she has a no soliciting sign.

"I don't give them enough time to explain themselves," Cannon said.

Round Rock Police Officer Dee Carver says criminals are using the phone to target criminals.

She says within the last week someone has been luring senior citizens.

"The victim receives contact from a person representing themselves as a Department of Homeland Security Agent. The fraudster tells the victim that they have received a package at Homeland Security and it contains a check. However, the victim is given a phone number of 866-978-8178 and instructed to call Lloyds of London to place a 1 percent security deposit on the package. As the fraud continues, the victim is instructed to send various fees for registration, delivery, security, storage and taxes," Carver said.

She says victims have lost thousands of dollars.

The FBI is issuing another warning to online shoppers:

"We've seen an increase in cyber criminals advertising vehicles online but will not provide pictures in the advertisement. They will send photos on request. Sometimes the photo is a single file sent as an e-mail attachment, and sometimes the victim receives a link to an online photo gallery.

The photos can and often contain malicious software that infects the victim's computer, directing the user to fake websites that look nearly identical to the real sites where the original advertisement was seen. The cyber criminals run all aspects of these fake websites, including "tech support" or "live chat support" and any "recommended" escrow services. After the victim agrees to purchase the item and makes the payment, the criminals stop responding to correspondence. The victims never receive any merchandise."

Caver says if you become suspicious, do your research and never give out your information.

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is," said Carver.

By Christie PostFighting Back Against Summer Scams

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