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Hi-Tech Home Cameras Helping Police Catch Burglars

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:07 PM CDT

One East Austin homeowner is using hi-tech cameras to help the Austin Police Department catch criminals.

Joel Landau sent KEYE TV a video of a man breaking into his house Friday afternoon.

In the video, you see the suspect scare off the barking dog, then repeatedly slams against the door 20 times before he busted in the house. 

Landau said he was surprised it took the burglar as long as it did to break-down the door. Landau credits the two-inch nails in the door frame.

"The door bends, but nothing happens until the wood breaks," Landu said. "The screw itself didn't really get damaged at all."

The screw might have slowed down the persistent burglar, but APD said it is the clear video that is helping investigators crack the case.

"Video in any type of case where it's clear enough to investigators can get a good description of the person is extremely helpful," Veneza Bremner with APD said.

In the house Landau has three security cameras that are triggered by motion. When the system is alerted it sends a text message to Landau’s cell phone. He said because he installed such an advanced security system he was able to watch the break-in unfold and call the police right away.

Once inside, the suspect runs out of camera view.

"He ran over here to the television set, lifted it up on either side here, and left finger prints here and on the back, and put it down here," Landau said.

The burglar ran back inside for a second try, but with the alarm ringing, apparently he decided it wasn’t worth it, so he bolts out the door empty handed.

"The victim in the case did everything correct," Bremner said. "We do recommend that people do keep blinds or curtains or drapes and keep them closed."

Landau posted a $1,000 reward for anyone who helps catch the suspects.

By Cassie GalloHi-Tech Home Cameras Helping Police Catch Burglars

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