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Police Bust Car Burglary Spree Suspects in Cedar Park

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:08 PM CDT

Two men are accused in a series of car burglaries in Cedar Park -- and police say if you live in the area you may be a victim and not even know it.

Jan Rodasta is one of more than a dozen victims of recent burglaries in the Cedar Park neighborhood. 

She discovered her car and garage had been burglarized as she left for work the next morning.

"So I looked around and stuff was not in its place and I walked around and could see the big empty spaces on my shelves where equipment with tools and things had been missing," says Rodasta.

The criminals stole tools from her garage and other items from her car. Police say at least two suspects, went through the neighborhood searching for unlocked cars and stealing whatever they could find.

"Things like electronics, wallets, and credit cards were taken. Some of those credit cards were actually used," says Cedar Park Police Chief Sean Mannix.

Chief Mannix says his officers arrested the suspects the very next day.

"It was based on a tip that someone waved a gun from a car, following up on that description officers made a high risk traffic stop," says Mannix.

Police say the gun turned out to be fake -- but they then noticed all the stolen property in the car.

Due to all the items found, Chief Mannix believes there may be more victims. "There may be people out there that didn't realize that something was taken out of their car," he says.

Jan says she's now doing things differently and making sure both her garage and her car are locked each night. She says, "In a way, the stuff isn't really worth that much, it's a learning lesson, keep things locked no matter where you are."

If you believe you may be a victim please call the Cedar Park Police Department at 512-260-4600.

By Lydia PantazesPolice Bust Car Burglary Spree Suspects in Cedar Park

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