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Round Rock Police Need Help Finding Car Burglary Suspects

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:08 PM CDT

Police say a recent burglary outside a day care in Round Rock is one of the worst cases they've seen. Now, they're asking for your help finding the suspects.

Police say leaving your purse and other valuables in your car is an invitation for criminals, no matter where you are.

It's an incident that left parents in the quiet Round Rock neighborhood in shock.

A parent came outside the Primrose School of Round Rock to find a burglar in her car. As she ran toward him, he jumped in another car with another suspect. They left the scene and hit the woman on the way out.

But it wasn't just the purse he took.

Round Rock Police Officer Dee Carver says, "This is what I would consider a worst case scenario because there was a weapon that was stolen in this instance."

Stephanie Johnson owns and operates a daycare in Round Rock. She says, "This is a great neighborhood, I run at night time, you know it makes me think twice about being able to do that if they're hitting people in broad daylight where kids are involved."

She says it's a major concern for her as a parent and daycare provider.

"You've got things in your hands, you're watching your kids, make sure they're safe walking across the street, so that's the last thing you're thinking about is someone is going to take my purse or get hit in the parking lot," says Johnson.

This is among a string of car burglaries outside day care centers in Round Rock and North Austin.

We asked Officer Carver what the Round Rock Police Department is going to do about these incidents. She says, "It would be unreasonable to think that we could have an officer park in every single parking lot at every single business."

Local day care owners agree. Johnson says people need to make sure they don't leave anything of value visible in their car, no matter how safe they feel.

"I think as people we need to be smarter than them and take that extra step, and I know it's hard because you're in a rush in the morning. Bring your wallet with you or your purse so you don't tempt the people," says Johnson.

If you have any information on this burglary please call the Round Rock Police Department.

By Lydia PantazesRound Rock Police Need Help Finding Car Burglary Suspects

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