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Rundberg Crime Complaints Continue Despite Initiative

Updated: Friday, May 30 2014, 06:30 PM CDT

There are still complaints of crime in the Rundberg Lane area despite an initiative by police to restore order to the troubled section of Northeast Austin.

Late Thursday night a man was shot during a robbery. It happened at an apartment complex on Park Plaza around 9:30 p.m. Police say the man was shot twice in his shoulder and stomach.

According to officials he drove himself to the Jack in the Box on Rundberg Lane, went inside and got help. He is expected to survive.

In the meantime police are looking for three suspects in a black sedan, possibly a BMW.

Officers tell us robberies are all too common in Rundberg

For 34 years Hubcap Annie has had all eyes and ears on the area.

"On both sides we have had some issues," said General Manager Tim Sannar.

Sannar says he has seen his fair share of crime.

"They put a latter up against my fence and grabbed wheels that way," he explained, "The electric company behind us has had people take copper out of their yard there."

And for the last few years he has seen little change.

"I don't really see a huge difference," Sannar said.

Austin Police Commander Donald Baker blames the continuous crime on being short staffed.

"Officers are going call to call. They don't have uncommitted time, time where they are able to do community policing," said Baker.

Just how many officers do they need? Baker says, "About eleven individuals who are out of 75."

But what about Restore Rundberg, the million dollar grant APD received to clean up the crime-ridden area?

Baker says it is working, but it will take years for the community to do a complete 180.

"We are building trust. You can go down Sam Rayburn Street now, it's a different street than it used to be," said Baker.

Sannar hopes it eventually happens, so he doesn't worry about when his business will be hit next.

"We added barbwire to our fence. We put lights up on the sides," said Sannar.

There are 19 cadets who are graduating Friday from the APD academy. Five of those officers will be dedicated to North Austin filling some of the gap.

By Christie Post

Rundberg Crime Complaints Continue Despite Initiative

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