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Vandalism Spree May Include Round Rock

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:08 PM CDT

A vandalism spree may be spreading in Williamson County.  After our story in Georgetown Wednesday, a man in Round Rock contacted us to say the same thing happened to him, the same weekend.

Christopher Jones bought the 1989 suburban sitting in front of his house, as a project car. 

"I was planning on repainting it and putting some bigger rims on it," Jones explained pointing at the blue and gray vehicle. Now he's being forced to spend money on a different part of the car after a discovery on Saturday morning.

"I came out to the truck and noticed that it was shattered here," Jones said, pointing to the driver side window.  "I also noticed they also tried to shoot out this window," Jones continued, pointing as a driver side passenger window.

He seems to be the latest victim of a vandalism spree in Williamson County.  Georgetown police say it started Father's Day weekend in the Sun City subdivision, and continued this past weekend in Berry Creek subdivision.

"The windows had been shot out and we know they were shot out with either a pellet gun or a BB gun," explained Georgetown Police Captain Roland Waits.

Round Rock police denied our request for an interview so we don't know if they are aware of the Georgetown cases or if they're looking for a connection.  We do know Jones became a victim this past weekend as some in Georgetown did.  We also know a BB gun or pellet gun seems to be the weapon of choice.  Georgetown police say that's what's alarming.

"It's one thing to go around damaging property. And in one of those vehicles what if someone had been coming out of their residence at the time that this was happening?" said Waits.

It's a concern Jones shares, because he has children.  "A BB could go through the window inside the house and hit one of them."

Police still don't have any leads so if you know something or if you've had your windows shattered make sure you give your local law enforcement agency a call.

By Melanie LoftonVandalism Spree May Include Round Rock

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