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Vandals Smash Windows In Georgetown

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:08 PM CDT

Some people who live in Williamson County woke up to shattered windows, golf carts overturned, and one even driven into a pond.  Now Georgetown police want your help to figure out who did it.

It happened in one of Sun City's newest neighborhoods.

"We've only lived here six weeks," said Ken Caldwell.  He was leaving for his relatively new commute to work when he found something unexpected.

"Monday morning I came out, got in my truck, opened the door, got in, closed the door and heard glass fall and turned around (and saw) the back glass was broken in my truck.”

The back window of his truck had been shot out with a BB or pellet gun. It's not exactly a welcome to the neighborhood gift. But Caldwell wasn't the only victim.

"When I talked to my wife I told her about it and she went for a walk and said all the neighbors' glass were broken out of their cars," Caldwell added. 

Georgetown police Captain Roland Waits says the vandals even hit the community golf course.

"They were probably playing what looks like bumper cars with them, based on the scrape marks on the sides of them, some of the broken parts and pieces. One of them was driven into a pond out there," Waits explained.

Pictures showed another golf cart flipped on its side.  The vandals didn't stop there.  Over two weekends the vandals shot out windows in Sun City, and two areas of nearby Berry Creek. Captain Waits says while not a major crime, it definitely had an emotional impact on some of the victims

"Disgust, frustration," he said, explaining how some residents reacted.

The situation serves as a reminder for all of us to keep our eyes open not only for our own property but for our neighbors as well.  If it happened in a brand new subdivision, it can happen anywhere.

Photos from Georgetown police.

By Melanie Lofton

Vandals Smash Windows In Georgetown

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