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What's In Your Car That Could Get A Burglar In Your House

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 05:07 PM CDT

More burglaries occur in the summer than any other time of year, but the Christmas holidays aren't too far behind. You can fight back by fixing what could be a weak link in your home security.

Smash a window and within seconds a burglar can bust into your home. But there are much easier ways to steal your stuff.

“It's like a key to your residence,” said Officer Dee Carver with the Round Rock Police Department. She says what's in your car can get burglars in your house.

“The worst thing to do is to clip the garage door opener on the visor of your car,” said Officer Carver.

A burglar grabs a garage door opener and then all he needs is an address. Mail and magazine subscriptions are often left in your car. Drivers also have personal information in their glove compartments like insurance cards and the car registration.

“They take that registration card and they take that garage door opener and they head over to your house and have a heyday,” said Officer Darrell Halstead with the University of Texas Police Department.

It's convenient to keep the opener on the visor. It's why so many of us do it. In the KEYE TV parking lot I spotted garage door openers on a third of all the cars and trucks.

I'm part of the third who keeps their garage door opener on their visor. But, the real test is whether there's any personal information in my glove box.

My weakness is car repair records. They not only show my address, but, the processed checks stapled to the receipts make me a target for identity theft.

And crooks don't even have to search for an address if your car is parked in front of your house. After breaking into your vehicle they're one click away from being in your garage and then your house.

“I don't think most people lock the doors between their garage and their house,” said Officer Carver.

And it's those sloppy habits that this former burglar says crooks count on.

“Everybody keeps stuff in the same place. It makes my job easier. I appreciate that,” said former burglar, Bob Portenier.

Police say get your garage door opener out of sight before it disappears with a crook.

At a minimum hide it in your console or under a seat. Better yet, women can keep them in their purses. Some garage door openers can even be attached to key chains.

Also, don't leave personal information in your car. Clean out your glove box and take your insurance card and put it behind your driver's license in your wallet.

By Bettie CrossWhat's In Your Car That Could Get A Burglar In Your House

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