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Man Sues For Being Thrown Out Of Council Meeting Over Fake Toke

An Austinite who frequents public city council meetings says he was thrown out for saying his name and now he is fighting back.

On Wednesday, Ronnie "Reeferseed" Gjemre filed suit against Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell, several city council members as well as the city manager and city attorney.

He says back in August 2011, he was addressing the city council when he was interrupted by the mayor and then forcibly removed from the podium by police.

Video shows Gjemre come to the podium to speak, and when he stated his middle name -- "Reeferseed" -- he imitated s deep inhalation. The mayor took issue with that and had him removed.

Gjemre says he was told he was banned from City Hall for several months. He's calling that and being being forced from the meeting is a violation of his constitutional rights.

According to a press release announcing the lawsuit, Gjemre is a political activist who ran as a Republican Party candidate for U.S. Congress in the year 2000, designated on the ballot as Ronnie Reeferseed Gjemre. He is recognized by government entities as a disabled person as a result of a coma-inducing traumatic brain injury.

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