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Helping War Widows Heal

Updated: Monday, September 23 2013, 02:04 PM CDT

Taryn and Michael Davis were inseparable soul mates falling in love as high school students in San Marcos and then getting married in college. But their future together was cut tragically short in 2007 when Michael was killed by roadside bombs while serving in Iraq. 

"Being a 21 year old widow with a husband that was 22 at the time of death, I literally felt like the only young widow in the world," said Taryn. "I started doing research and found that the average age of a service member killed was 26 and 51 percent of those serving were married. So, I knew in those statistics alone, I wasn't the only military widow. I wanted to get more than that, I wanted to see these women, I wanted to connect with these women, I wanted to be inspired by their perseverance. That's really when the whole idea of the American Widow Project came to be."

Taryn says AWP tries to instill the idea of embracing life to widows, "Because grief and the pain that comes along with grief becomes a comfort for these women. We literally try to do activities and create a program around pushing them outside that comfort zone. "

Since Taryn Davis started the American Widow Project six years ago, it has helped more than 1,600 widows find new hope and healing. Though, they've lost their spouses, the women take heart in knowing they are not alone and find new ways to live again.

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By Judy Maggio

Helping War Widows Heal

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