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The Trip of a Lifetime

Updated: Monday, October 14 2013, 09:05 PM CDT

Austin World War II veterans left for the trip of a lifetime this weekend. The non-profit, Honor Flight, is flying them to Washington D.C. to see the World War II Memorial. They were given a heroes salute as they paraded down the halls at Austin Bergstrom International Airport to board their plane. Travelers paused to pay their respect to these members of the Greatest Generation. The veterans range in age from 85 to 97. While they are not accustomed to being in the spotlight, they were very touched by the attention of the crowd.

Veteran Bud Barton said, "I just put in my time in and never worried about something like this coming along to celebrate it!"

It's been more than six decades since they served and now they are ready for a different type of deployment.

"I'm going on this Honor Flight to Washington D.C. to visit all of the memorials, and especially the World War II Memorial," said Harrison Wright.

These elderly veterans often downplay their service, but Americans are grateful for their sacrifice. They heard countless people say "thank you" as they made their way to the gate.

The veterans winged their way to Washington D.C. from ABIA, the site of a former Air Force base that was activated during World War II.  It was a fitting place to takeoff for one more history making mission.

By Judy Maggio

The Trip of a Lifetime

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