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Fridays with Fred

Fridays with Fred

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Fridays With Uncle Fred 6/28/2013

Updated: Friday, June 28 2013, 07:01 AM CDT

This morning was all about the legistature's special session than ended with a filibuster and a failed last second attempt to approve new abortion restrictions.

The filibuster catapulted State Senator Wendy Davis, a Democrat from Fort Worth, into the national spotlight.  Davis was a struggling single mom at age 19.  According to her bio, a co-wroker suggested she enroll in a paralegal program at the local community college.  She did so well, she followed that with college at Texas Christian University and Harvard Law School.  After practicing law, she was elected to the Fort Worth City Council and then was won the Texas Senate seat in 2008 in what was described as an upset.

The shoes she wore have also been in the news.  Posters have used the product review sections in to make political statements.

Governor Perry has already called for another special session beginning July 1 to take care of the business left unfinished in special session #1.

Thank you to everyone who makes the effort to come by and support our Friday morning broadcasts from the new Taco Shack location on North RM 620 at Lake Creek Parkway.

By Fred Cantu


Fridays With Uncle Fred 6/28/2013

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