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Fridays with Fred

Fridays with Fred

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Jan. 18: Fridays With Uncle Fred

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:08 PM CDT
A serious topic this morning.  Does playing violent video games lead to violent behavior?  We spoke with Matthew Eastin, PhD, an Associate Progessor of Communications at UT-Austin about this.  The short answer is "no," violent games won't cause someone to act violently.  But it can contribute to a change in their behavior.  It gets complicated, so we spoke more in depth on the issue with Eastin in a exclusive.  (Watch interview here.)

Matthew Eastin, PhD
His new book, Encyclopedia of Media Violence
We also chatted with Margaret Moser from the Austin Chronicle about the 2013 Austin Music Poll,  you can vote right now for your favorite musicians, record store, radio show, etc.  Look for the ballot in the Austin Chronicle or vote online.  The deadline is Feb 1.
Austin Chronicle
By Fred CantuJan. 18: Fridays With Uncle Fred

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