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Fridays with Fred

Fridays with Fred

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Jan. 25: Fridays With Uncle Fred

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:08 PM CDT
Judy Yoshimaru came on the program looking for volunteers for the Special Olympics Winter Games.  They're Thursday 1/31 through Sunday 2/03.  Don't worry.  Sunday's events will be done hours before Super Bowl kickoff.  You can get more info by email at
Special Olympics Texas
Trish Morrison invited us to her event that she calls Mom Com.  It's for entrepreneurial mothers and those who would like to be.  The event is Saturday 1/26 at the Oasis.  All the details are at the link below.
Mom Com Austin
Melanie Dunham, editor of Austin Family Magazine, gave us a heads up on their 15th Annual Camp Fair.  It's more than a place to see all that central Texas camps have to offer.  It's also a fun event for the kids with most booths having some kind of game or activity for the youngsters.  The Camp Fair is Saturday 1/26 at the Palmer Events Center.
Austin Family Magazine
By Fred CantuJan. 25: Fridays With Uncle Fred

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