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15-Minute Test Could Find Early Signs Of Alzheimer's


With more and more people being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, doctors say it's critical to identify problems with memory and thinking as soon as possible.

Now a simple, self-administered test can help spot cognitive changes. The 15-minute, four-page test is called SAGE A test to measure thinking abilities. It was created by researchers at the Ohio State University and it measures language, reasoning, problem solving and memory.  Previous research shows it can detect 80 percent of people with mild thinking and memory issues.

Researchers hope the test will help catch cognitive changes earlier so doctors can start treatment right away. Dr. Douglas Scharre, director of cognitive neurology at Ohio State University says patients go to their doctor "too late to be identified." He says, "they come into their doctors office perhaps three or four years after people have noticed specific cognitive issues."

Researchers caution the study does not diagnose a person with Alzheimer's disease.

Click here to take Ohio State University's SAGE test.

15-Minute Test Could Find Early Signs Of Alzheimer's

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