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Are E-Cigs Just As Risky As Cigarettes?


Quitting smoking is a pretty common New Year's resolution, but it's not an easy thing to do.

All About Vapor Manager CJ Champ turned to Vaporizers, or e-cigs.

"I was smoking about a pack a day," Champ said.

And he isn't the only person we found who quit smoking using the e-cigarette device.

"I've stopped smoking cigarettes and it's probably the best thing I've done in a long time," Katie Weldon said.

You can't ignore the obvious question. Are these vaporizers any healthier than a regular cigarette?

"You're getting rid of the tar, all the carcinogens, you get when you burn," Champ said.

Doctors admit for smokers, e-cigs may be a little healthier because there are no carcinogens. But they hesitate to call the product safe.

"They aren't FDA approved and they haven't been researched. We don't have any long-time data to suggest that they are safe. We just don't know," said Dr. Ross Tobleman, the Scott and White Emergency Room Director.

Doctors tell us the nicotine found in both electronic and traditional cigarettes is dangerous.

"That nicotine paralyzes the hair cells inside our lung tissue, and prevents them from moving waste products out of the lungs," Dr. Tobleman said.

Employees at All About Vapor say 99 percent of their business is people who are already smoking.

They agree with doctors if you're nicotine free you probably don't want start using.

But for CJ Champ he says the Vaporizer is just what he needed.

"I can breathe better, I can smell things better, I can taste things better," Champ said.

Bottom line doctors say there just isn't enough research to determine the long term effects of e-cigarettes and to know whether the product can be called 'safe.'

By Rachel Kent

Are E-Cigs Just As Risky As Cigarettes?

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