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Austin Fast Food Worker Diagnosed With Hepatitis A


City of Austin health officials are sounding the alarm after a fast food worker at a campus-area Whataburger tested positive for Hepatitis A.

The Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department is urging customers who ate at the location at 2800 Guadalupe between Aug. 7 to Aug. 19 to contact their physicians. The department said the risk of infection to patrons is unlikely but higher in the following groups:

*    75 years of age and older
*    immune compromised
*    persons with chronic liver disease including individuals who had a liver transplant
*    persons with clotting-factor disorders
*    persons experiencing hepatitis A symptoms        

Hepatitis A is a virus that targets the liver and is usually spread through fecal contamination. Patients can experience the following symptoms:

*    Fever
*    Fatigue
*    Loss of appetite
*    Nausea
*    Vomiting
*    Abdominal discomfort
*    Dark urine
*    Clay-colored bowel movement
*    Joint pain
*    Jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes)

More information can be found at

Whataburger Corporate Communications released this statement: "This report of one employee's Hepatitis A diagnosis at our 2800 Guadalupe St. location is top priority for us, which is why we have set up a dedicated hotline at 844-569-5555 to answer questions from the community. We invest a tremendous amount of time and effort to ensure food safety, so we have a team actively managing the situation, and we are working closely with the Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department. We remain committed to a safe and clean dining experience for our employees and customers, and we have taken several precautionary measures, including providing all of our team members who work at this restaurant a Hepatitis A vaccine at Whataburger's expense. Again, we encourage those with questions to contact our hotline at 844-569-5555."

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Austin Fast Food Worker Diagnosed With Hepatitis A

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