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Austin Non-Profit Helps Couples Afford Fertility Treatments


Did you know one in six couples face infertility? It's a common problem with an often expensive solution. The average cost of one cycle of in vitro fertilization (IVF) is $15,000. To help couples afford fertility treatments, an Austin mother has created a non-profit.

For four years, Kelsey Edwards and her husband, Tim, tried to have a child despite a tough diagnosis. "He did an ultrasound and told me that I had something called polycystic ovarian syndrome," said Edwards.

Kelsey underwent countless tests and a surgery before the couple tried intrauterine insemination, or IUI, with injectables. She became pregnant with her son Maverick after only one round. "It was amazing. I wish we had known earlier," she says.

Knowing first-hand the ups and downs of infertility, the Edwards decided to create a non-profit.

"We were all excited! We had this beautiful baby and we just wanted to start helping other people," said Edwards.

They named the foundation Maverick's Miracle Babies. "He was our little miracle so it only seemed fit," said Edwards.

"I think it really takes going through the process to really understand the process," said Vanessa Schempp, one of the foundation's first grant applicants.

"People don't realize that so many couples may have to go through this and just can't go through it because of the financials," said Vanessa Schempp. "And that's so hard to say that's what's stopping you from having a baby."

Vanessa and her husband, Mark, needed help after spending $40,000 on two failed rounds of IVF.

"I mean it was basically our retirement," said Mark Schempp.

Maverick's Miracle Babies awarded the Schempps an $8,000 grant for an embryo transfer to try one more time -- and it worked. "We're having a little girl," said Vanessa Schempp.

"I literally screamed at the top of my lungs I was so excited!" said Kelsey. "Tim and I, like, did a happy dance."

Vanessa won't be the only one in the delivery room this summer. Kelsey is due in August with her second child. "Here I am pregnant again and it couldn't be better. I'm just thrilled," she says.

Maverick's Miracle Babies just celebrated its one year anniversary. So far, it has awarded $36,000 in grants to help Central Texas couples get pregnant.

For an application or to donate, visit Maverick's Miracle Babies web site:

By Deeda Payton

Austin Non-Profit Helps Couples Afford Fertility Treatments

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