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Breast Cancer Survivor To Model Carbon Fiber Bra


Next Saturday, breast cancer survivors will strut their stuff to raise money for the Breast Cancer Resource Center in Austin. They'll be walking the runway in their bras, but not just any bras. One woman got the idea to make hers with carbon fiber.

Chad Vidaure, a prosthetics technician, shaves the mold carefully removing any rough edges, "The process of making it is kinda difficult."

He's making a prosthetic leg. "We make a mold of it and then we shape the mold to how she is," said Vidaure. He used the same process on a much different project.

Kevin Kimbell has been making prosthetics for the past 14 years, but this was a new challenge. "I've never had anybody call me and say, 'hey, I'd like you to make me a bra,'" said Kimbell.

That's exactly what breast cancer survivor, Angie Houtz, said she needed for the fundraising runway show, Art Bra Austin. "I have this crazy idea can you help me make it happen," said Houtz.

As an avid rower, she prefers to model the same material as her shell. "A bra made of carbon fiber didn't really go in my head very well," said Vidaure. But, he couldn't deny the symbolism.

"She saw it as carbon fiber embracing her as the rowing community and her family and friends did," said Houtz' friend and artist, Marilyn Flanegan. "Actually it was me wanting to protect her.  I saw that shield as her being a victim, and what amazed me is she's so much stronger than I thought." Flanegan designed the bra after watching her friend endure so much.

"The second thing that went through my mind was how am I going to tell my son," said Houtz. "I'm a single mom and he's my world."

Thanks to support from her friends and family, less than one year later Houtz is back on her feet. "He gave me the strength and he said Mom, we're gonna do this and everything is going to be fine and it was," said Houtz. "He was right."

Now she's ready to walk the runway at Art Bra Austin.

"You put it on and you literally feel like you could stop a bullet in it," said Houtz. "The support and the grip that it has on me, it's like bring it."

"I think it's amazing," said Vidaure. "I think to put those two things together like that is genius."

Art Bra Austin will be held Saturday, June 7 at 7 p.m. at Austin Music Hall. To purchase tickets to Art Bra Austin or to donate to the BCRC, visit their website.

By Deeda Payton

Breast Cancer Survivor To Model Carbon Fiber Bra

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