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Capitol Exhibit Shares Heart Disease Survivors' Stories


February is National Heart Month and this year women in Austin are coming together to share their stories of survival.

They're part of an exhibit of photos of women who survived heart disease. Each picture is attached to the story of that woman's experience.

Melissa Barnaby's daughter Ryah is one of the featured survivors. "When she was born she turned blue in the delivery room and we didn't know what was wrong," says Barnaby.

Doctors then told Barnaby her daughter suffered from severe heart disease.

She says, "My husband and I never cried so much in our entire lives, they told us she had about a 50 percent chance of surviving the first week."

Ryah is now among several women of all ages and backgrounds featured in the exhibit.

"It's the number one killer of women, seriously, 500,000 women a year die of heart disease," says Dr. Parul Desai, a cardiologist with the Heart Hospital of Austin.

She says education is the key when it comes to heart disease.

"In this event, you'll notice, it shows you people from small little people to 40 year old people, 80-year old people, there's a spectrum. I think there's a sense that if you're forty you don't have to worry about it. That's not true," says Dr. Desai

The exhibit will be featured at the Texas State Capitol through the end of the week.

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By Lydia Pantazes

Capitol Exhibit Shares Heart Disease Survivors' Stories

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