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Central Texas Allergy Meds In Short Supply


Pharmacists say several allergy medicines on back order. And for Central Texans suffering from cedar fever the options are even more limited this week.

Experts tell us the airborne allergen afflicts as many as one in five people. And that means hundreds of thousands in the Austin area are in the market for relief.

But the surge in demand is leading to empty shelves at many drug stores.

Bryan Uecker says, "My head is pounding, it's just full of stuff, my eyes itch and coughing."

If those symptoms sound familiar, you're not alone.

"Cedar, this year, is the worst it's ever been so people are really suffering," says Jodi Fetchell, a welllness expert at the Peoples Pharmacy in Northwest Austin.

She says it's gotten so bad, medicine is flying off the shelves.

"We cannot keep it on the shelf -- eye drops, homeopathic preparations, herbal preparations -- we can't keep them in stock," Fetchell says.

But it isn't just the Peoples Pharmacy -- we visited several Austin area stores and in every store were empty shelves.

Several pharmacists told us off camera that nasal sprays are in big demand and on back order.

"Companies can't get them to us fast enough, so there's not necessarily a shortage from the company. We're just running out so quickly that we can't replenish the supply quick enough. But there are different things that you can do," says Fetchell.

Fetchell says saline rinses, like the Nettie Pot and saline drops for your eyes, can help clear up the pollen.

For allergy suffers like Bryan, it's worth a try.

"This is the worst year I've experienced, I mean every year is a little bad, but usually I take a few things and it works, but this year nothing seems to be working," he says.

By Lydia Pantazes

Central Texas Allergy Meds In Short Supply

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